Charm City Faction Guide & Requirements

Want to create your own organization? Read our guide below.

A faction is a small organized group with a common shared goal, interest, belief, religion, something bringing them all together.

Faction Purpose

• The faction should have a goal or purpose. What is their vision? Their drive? Their purpose?

• Factions should be created on-sim and grow through stories made with other players through roleplay.

Faction Requirements

• Faction leaders and members must be active members of Charm City for at least one month.

• Factions must submit an application to be recognized as a faction and must create and maintain a membership roster of at least 5 members (including faction leads). ALTS DO NOT COUNT AS MEMBERS.

• Factions must be willing to establish and maintain presence in Charm City RP areas.

Faction Community Standards

• Factions and their members will adhere to sim rules, guidelines and standards

• Promote an encouraging and positive roleplaying environment both among the Charm City community and with other factions

• Factions as a whole and their individual players should be mindful and respectful of the Charm City community as well as the staff

Still interested? Apply here.

**If you would like a space for your faction, consider renting a business. Once your faction application has been processed, please reach out to Olivia Mason (LucyElaine Resident) to inquire about unlocking a rental.